Nicholas Graham Jaeger Breakthrough Changemaker Inspiration Awardee 2014


Nicholas Jaeger, 16, is a junior at Woodside Priory High School in Portola Valley, California.

He first became interested in the challenge of domestic violence in 2012 when he volunteered for CORA (Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse) in San Mateo. While working on restoring one of their shelters, he realized that while his painting skills were weak, his desire to take action against this underreported problem was strong. Nick believes that awareness, especially among his peers, can be a key element in reducing and ultimately eliminating violence against women. He has borrowed the concept of “allies” from the LGBT community in an effort to strengthen the support network for those experiencing abuse. He will be speaking to his entire school later this month and has organized a week of activities designed to inspire action against domestic violence. Earlier this year he began raising an investment fund to support CORA and has so far received more than $60,000 in donations.

Nick’s interest in the public markets began at age 13 through conversations with his grandfather. He has since worked for three hedge funds over multiple summers. As Nick puts it: “Raising money can be difficult—especially for an issue that people prefer not to talk about.” The idea of an investment fund has captured the interest of many who would otherwise not think of donating to CORA. Nick plans to continue raising money and awareness on their behalf.

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About CORA
CORA is the only agency in San Mateo County with the sole purpose of serving victims/survivors of domestic violence/abuse. We are a multicultural agency committed to serving victims/survivors, regardless of age, ethnicity/race, financial status, language, sexual orientation, immigration status, class, religion, gender, mental or physical ability.
We provide free and confidential emergency, intervention and prevention services, including the county’s only emergency shelter and transitional housing for victims/survivors and services in Spanish and English.

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